2024 All-Star Hometown Hero Spotlight

Student Success Stores

Neethi Johnson, President

Student Success Stores (SSS) exists to meet the basic needs of students in grades 6-12 from economically disadvantaged communities and to remove barriers to learning that can be created when life necessities are unavailable. The organization provides free, anonymous stores inside schools filled with hygiene products, easy-to-eat food items, school-code clothing, and school supplies. By supplying students with the essentials, they aim to ensure that each child starts the school day healthy, confident and ready to learn.

“Being named an MLS All-Star Hometown Hero is an incredible honor for Student Success Stores,” said Neethi Johnson, President, Student Success Stores. “This recognition shines a spotlight on our mission to support students by providing essential resources such as food, clothing, and school supplies to students in need in Columbus. It underscores the impact of our efforts in helping students overcome barriers, stay focused on their education, and achieve their full potential.”

— Neethi Johnson
Neethi Johnson